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UI Language: French
Dictionary Languages: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovensky, Spanish

Berlitz®, the world reference for language courses. Whether you are a beginner, whether you want to get back to German or improve your skills, the complete Berlitz German - All Levels set is the complete, interactive and effective solution to learn German today and discover the German culture.

The method combines the latest multimedia technologies with an educational approach proven by many years of field experience. The software thus includes thousands of multimedia exercises, a multimedia dictionary as well as several thousand interactive dialogues. Thanks to the mixture of written exercises and audio extracts, Berlitz German allows you to significantly improve your mastery of the language.

German Berlitz uses everyday situations that encourage the learning of immediately usable vocabulary. Whether for everyday use, in anticipation of a stay abroad or to prepare yourself for the use of German in a professional context, German Berlitz adapts to your needs. You can measure your progress, view lessons learned and take level tests.

The new high-tech and efficient German method!
- Discover and learn an immediately usable vocabulary
- Progress quickly express yourself correctly whatever your interlocutor
- Follow your progress day by day by passing revision tests
- Have a multimedia dictionary
- Discover German culture
- Transfer audio files to your audio player while on the go

- A complete, interactive method, validated by Berlitz, the world reference for language courses!
- Thousands of multimedia exercises including interactive dialogues and various exercises (written expression, pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar) for progressive and fun learning.
- Multimedia dictionary which allows you to listen to and memorize all the key words of the German vocabulary. Its exclusive technology translates and reads the words on your screen at the flick of your mouse (works with the most common applications such as Internet pages, Microsoft® Office, Adobe® applications, etc.).
- Progress monitoring through revision tests.
- Learn while on the move - Possibility of exporting all audio content to MP3 files to listen to them at any time on your MP3 player in transport, while traveling ...

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